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Vendor Services

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iFinancial Group understands the demands of your customers and knows that the right leasing partner can make a big difference. iFinancial Group has the expertise and resources to accommodate your customers whether they are investment grade credit or a start-up.

We offer some of the best leasing programs in the industry. Discover how leasing will increase your company's sales and profits by becoming a leasing partner.


Leasing Closes More Sales

One of the greatest benefits leasing provides is the speed and efficiency with which a sale can be closed. Payments can be structured in appealing and affordable terms. Applications and documents can be pre-pared on the spot and e-mailed to the customer.

Leasing Generates Larger Sales

You have increased the customer's purchasing power by offering leasing. Since the monthly lease cost of a larger unit or additional features is so small, your customer is more inclined to increase the size of the purchase, and you profit.

Leasing Makes it Convenient

Through Leasing you have made it easy and convenient for your customer to acquire your products. No need to delay your sale while outside financing is sought after by your customer. You control the sale. Your customer desires a single source to solve every need during an acquisition. Underestimating the convenience value of this additional service to your customers could be costly.

Leasing Overcomes the Cost Objective

By quoting lease figures, you have presented the cost of your product in the least expensive terms. You have changed a possible negative price image into an easily budgeted item. Your customer will see that profits and cost savings generated by your new product will far exceed the low monthly lease payment.

Leasing Builds Repeat Business

You will find that leasing increases customer loyalty and leads to more frequent add-ons, upgrades and new acquisitions than with an outright purchase. Convenient add-on schedules and upgrade programs support this long term relationship with your customer.

Leasing Overcomes Capital Budget Problems

Leasing treated as an operating cost may allow your customers to circumvent a capital budget problem and avoid long capital appropriation process which may delay your sale.

Leasing Preserves Margins

Preserve margins and minimize a competitive price issue by expressing the cost of your products in terms of monthly lease payment. This allows you to focus your customer on the superior capabilities, performance and cost effectiveness of your products.

We look forward to providing your customers with "Equipment Financing Solutions"

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